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A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), is a two-way satellite communications system using either ground-based or stabilized maritime Vsat antennas smaller than 10 feet (3 meters). VSAT systems access a variety of communications satellites located in geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the earth. Most VSAT antennas range in size from 75 cm to 1.2 m. Data speeds typically range from 128 Kbps to 4 Mbps. Uses include data, video and voice applications.

VSATs are most commonly used to transmit narrowband or broadband data used for credit card processing, satellite Internet access, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and video feeds. Portable VSAT antennas are frequently employed by news organizations to transmit audio and video data from remote locations inaccessable by conventional telephone and data communications channels.

VSAT Systems provide commercial-grade satellite Internet service. This is especially important for individuals or businesses that demand reliable service. VSAT systems use more powerful and more stable equipment than other "consumer-grade" satellite such as Hughesnet / Direcway or Starband satellite Internet systems. VSAT Satellite Internet service providers also limit the number of customers using the same channel to ensure greater availability and reliability.

Business Sectors

> Oil, Gas, Minerals and Mining and Exploration
> Disaster Relief and Mitigation, Emergency Response, Fire Crews, Lumber, Timber and Forestry Camps, Road, Bridge and Dam Construction Sites
> Fixed- and Mobile-Satellite Platforms
> Off-grid Solar Electrical Support For Remote Communications Systems
> Business Video Teleconferencing, C- and Ku-Band Receive Only TV, Radio, Video and Data Terminals And Communications Backup Systems
> Remote Uplinks, Downlinks, Two-way, Television Receive-only ("TVRO")
> Internet Data Communications and IP Network Distribution, Wireless Networks

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephone Service

VSAT satellite Internet Systems support Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephone services. Consumer-grade Satellite Internet systems such as HughesNet and Starband do not officially support VOIP and their technicians cannot provide advice on using VOIP with their equipment. VSAT satellite Internet Systems use commercial-grade equipment similar to that used by news organizations to support high quality video and audio transmissions from distant sites.

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VSAT Satellite Internet Systems Installation and Consulting Services

Residential and Commercial VSAT Satellite Internet, Video and Audio systems installation and consulting services provided by Alan Thompson, owner, Principal Consultant and Chief Technician for El Dorado Networks. Alan has well over 30 years of residential and commercial satellite communications experience. He has personally supervised the installation of over 300 satellite Internet voice, data and Internet communications systems during that time and is familiar with design, installation, repair and maintenance of VSAT satellite Internet data and voice communications systems using iDirect- and HughesNet-based satellite Internet modems and radios, as well as Residential and Commercial DIRECTV and Dish Network satellite TV systems.

Serving El Dorado County, Northern and Southern California, Western and Central Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Mexico, Baja California Sur and Baja California Norte. Call 530 903 4257 or Contact Alan Thompson Today.

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