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Alan Thompson-web development site management, internet marketing, search engine optimization search engine positioning, search engine ranking, technical writing copy editing, customer service training, public speaking, customer service consulting Internet marketing management, sales materials development, marketing materials development, advertising copy writing, Placerville Northern California, Southern California, Sacramento area CA, San Francisco Bay Area

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I specialize in Internet marketing services, business communications, search engine positioning, web site development and site management (webmastering).

My business communications and marketing background includes:
  • Developed over 50 sites. Provided concept, graphics, copy writing, development, testing, and search engine positioning and management services. Some examples include Intelliquote Life Insurance Services, 1 800 Life Insurance, Chaparral Communications, 4 Disability Insurance, and Bio Jouvance Skin Care.
  • Provided search engine position improvement for over 75 sites.
  • Newsletter writing and editing for PRO, a technical sales and marketing newsletter for the microwave communications industry
  • Customer service training, telemarketing sales training, and dealer marketing materials development for Fortuna Communications
  • Product marketing management for Chaparral Communications, a microwave communications electronics manufacturer
  • Sales and marketing materials development and presentation, with more than 100 sales and marketing seminars conducted nationwide
  • Authored more than 40 sales and marketing articles for TVRO Dealer, a national industry trade magazine in the microwave communications industry
  • Audio and video consumer electronics marketing and sales management
  • Sales and marketing management for Uniscape, an international client/server software development company. Clients included Oracle, Hyperion, Silicon Graphics, Remedy, Platinum Technology, and PeopleSoft
  • Account management and localization project management for SimulTrans, document translation and software localization services. Clients included Netscape, Qualcomm, NEC, Palm Computing, and Hewlett Packard